Supporting mothers and families

with lactation and sleep

Having a new baby in the family is a special time

But it can bring substantial challenges. Barbs holistic approach to breastfeeding and parenting focuses on building connection and promoting successful breastfeeding to help you reach your parenting goals.

Barb is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has over 20 years experience working with and assisting families bond with their babies by improving sleep and lactation skills.

Our Services

Sleep Consultation
Are you struggling with a baby who isn't sleeping? Is your family suffering from lack of sleep? Let Barb teach you how to successfully settle your baby.
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Lactation Consultation
Are you finding breastfeeding difficult? Do you need assistance in feeding your baby? Let Barb assist with your breastfeeding problems.
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Barb Glare offers a Lactation/Sleep Consultation bundle
To assist you in bonding with your baby and promoting successful breastfeeding and sleep
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To speak at your seminar or conference

Barb speaks on a range of breastfeeding, sleep and parenting topics

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