Barb Glare Lactation & Sleep Consultant

Barb has over 20 years of experience working with breastfeeding families. Barb is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

What is an IBCLC?

IBCLCs are health professionals who are:

  • Recognised around the world as having the only standardised, board certified breastfeeding credential available
  • Knowledgeable about up-to-date and evidence-based breastfeeding practices
  • Experienced in a wide variety of breastfeeding situations
  • Sensitive to the needs of mothers and their children as they work with mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals.

Barb's qualifications include:

  • BA - University of Melbourne
  • Dip Ed - University of Melbourne
  • Diploma in Parent Education - Chisholm Institute
  • Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Counselling) - Australian Breastfeeding Association
  • Cert IV Breastfeeding Education (Community) - Australian Breastfeeding Association

Having a new baby in the family is a special time, but can bring substantial challenges. Barb’s holistic approach to breastfeeding and parenting focuses on building connection and promoting successful breastfeeding to help you reach your parenting goals.
Barb can help you with all aspects of breastfeeding, sleep and parenting. Her special areas of expertise include:
  • Prenatal education and support
  • Positioning and attachment
  • Breast and nipple problems
  • Dealing with low milk supply or oversupply
  • Sleep and settling
  • Colic, reflux, allergies and and unsettled babies
  • Low weight gain
  • Strategies for returning to work or study
  • Breastfeeding babies with special needs
  • Weaning
  • Helping your baby to sleep

Barb's services are aimed at assisting families with sleep and lactation.

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Sleep Consultation
Find out more about Barb's Sleep Consultation services